Picture this: The full moon lights your path toward music and laughter. Food trucks line the perimeter of the festival and attendees pose for pictures against curated backdrops. A crowd dances by a stage, waving light-up props and belting song after song.

No, you’re not in Indio, CA or Las Vegas, NV or Chicago, IL, but Rock Hill, NY, a small town tucked in the southern Catskill Mountains. It’s Breastival, Camp Breastie’s ultimate dance party.

And like any festival, Breasties in attendance did not shy away from daring fashion, even in the chill early-summer weather. From neon and mesh to fringe, glitter, and gems, the crowd shined bright and dressed boldly as they danced, laughed, and chatted the night away.

Some standouts included sheer and see-through tops that celebrated mastectomy scars,  colorful wigs and iridescent wings prime for twirling to the music, cowboy boots and fringe skirts that looked like they came straight from Stagecoach, and flower crowns and face gems harkening the best of 2010s Coachella.